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If you have made an enquiry about your problem, you may have been advised as follows.
  • If you feed the birds, remove any food left over at night.
  • In the fruit season, badgers love 'drops' from fruit trees, so collect them and feed them to the badgers where they are coming in, or put the 'drops' away elsewhere.
  • If you have a compost heap, could it be contained or covered?
  • If you do not have a wheelie-bin, put your rubbish bags out in .the morning, especially in hot, dry, summers when other sources of food may be limited. They attract all manner of animals and birds if left out overnight.
  • In dry weather a pond will attract a variety of wildlife. If you are sure a badger is visiting, put a dish of water by the hole in the fence - it may drink there and go away.
  • The movement of strips of kitchen foil on canes can make badgers uneasy, as can the windmills bought for children. Putting them randomly in your lawn may deter them.
  • garden_wrecking.jpgIf you water your lawn it brings the worms to the surface, and as badgers feed mostly on worms it will attract them. This is the reason for snuffle holes appearing in your lawn.
  • At night, when there is a moon, fill empty water bottles with tap water, and lay them on the lawn. The refraction makes badgers uncomfortable, as the moon reflects on the water.

If you are still stuck with a lawn looking like a battlefield, this is where the matter of lawn care throughout the year comes into play.


Last Updated ( Friday, 02 March 2012 )